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A Lucrative SEO Job

With web development becoming more and more available to almost every internet user and with the increasing number of platforms allowing virtually anyone to create his or her own website, it is expected that the competition for online traffic become tougher and tighter by the hour. And with many businesses …

Data Discrepancies between AdWords and Analytics


We often get asked why Google tracks differently for Analytics and AdWords. This post will clear your confusion. There are 5 main reasons for these differences.

AdWords tracks clicks, while Analytics tracks visits.
Some visitors who click on your AdWords ads may have JavaScript, cookies, or images turned off. As a result, …

SEO 101: How to write Good Copy

Copy is one of the many different factors effecting search engine algorithms. Content has a tremendous influence on both searches and on search engine spiders and visitors.
SEO is all about bringing targeted traffic to your website from search engines, so that your visitors convert by performing a desired action.
Desired conversions …

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