Bipolar, Bipolar Treatment and Symptoms

I have Bipolar. Once you get to know me, I mean really know me… I am a loyal friend and a lot of fun to be around. You may not hear from me from a while and then I call you regularly and we go out to our coffee shop every week.

It takes me a long time to trust people. But, once I do I let my guard down and I can tell them about this illness or disharmony I carry around in my mind/body/spirit.

It’s one of the few illnessness in the world where society believed people had evil spirits. The modern version of this is, “Oh, you, just, aren’t grateful enough…that’s why you’re depressed”.

Dude, the brain is an organ….just like the liver or the lungs. If the liver or the lungs were to break down people wouldn’t cast suspicious accusations or condescending advice at them.  Dare I say, the brain is the most complex organ in the body.

Diagnosed, at 18, It’s taken me a good 11 years to accept that I have this illness. It was the birth of my daughter that brought me into reality and searching for true health; that bonafide glowing vitality that I so wanted.

Family and friends who are genuinely invested in my good health ask one quesiton, “Are you taking your medication?”.

“Yes.”, I say to such a simple-minded question, rolling my inner eyes.

But, the truth of the matter is… it’s just like the brain as in…. it’s more complex than that…

For vitaly and health I must

  • accept the illness, first and foremost
  • eat right
  • exercise (helps with anxiety big time)
  • take the correct dosage of medication
  • visit my therapist (thoughts are things)
  • visit psychiatrist regularly (biochemistry changes)
  • limit caffeine and high fructose corn syrup (would love to see a study on this combination)
  • forget drinking and drugs
  • trust my intuition, be proactive when minor symptoms pop up (third eye eagle eye is what I like to call it)
  • surround myself with loving, accepting people
  • practice my faith and spirituality
  • be social, isolation is NOT good
  • be open to concerned people’s worried looks and comments
  • rock out my sleep hygiene
  • can’t forget we’re at the tip of the iceberg of the true science of this illness (mystery i like to call it)

Every patient, oh, oh, oh, client they like to call us now…must find their own recipe for true vitality and health. My recipe took years and may change tomorrow, who knows?


love to write, eat, travel, and spirituality and my husband and daughter and friends and the rest of the famz. woohooo

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  1. Angela says:

    I am SO PROUD of you! and LOVE this! I PRAY that everyone I know affected by Bipolar can read this and LEARN from YOU! -xxoo-Angie

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