We would be delighted if you decided to have your creative (blog post, articles, press releases, etc) published on However, there are simple rules you need to follow when you contribute your work.  Your post will be published as soon as our team has reviewed.

Unique content

Only unique, quality and original content is more likely to be published  You also assert that your work is free from copyright infringement. No one will benefit from duplicate content and searchengines won’t like it either.

3 Backlinks as Maximum

You can get dofollow backlinks to your own website/blog with your chosen anchor text, but only THREE are allowed in maximum. It ensures that PageRank is flowing through to the most important pages instead of spreading across multiple pages. If there is more than 3, only the first 3 will be kept and the rest will be removed.

350px max width for uploading image

As ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, you can include the image in your post. However, your images should not mess up the design of the site. As a guideline, the maximum width of your image should not be larger than 350px. If you are referencing the image from another site, please make sure the width is not larger than 600px.

What should I write?

We are looking for topics that will benefit to your reader – tutorials, guides and how-to posts. These posts can also increase the number of readerships. Anything that you think might help your readers as well as will fit into one of our categories – technology, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and travel.

Posts may be edited

Your post might be declined if you do not meet our guidelines. So don’t be panic if we suggest changes. Simply modify your content and you will always have a second chance to re-submit it.

Acceptable Post

We only accept the post written in English and it should have at least 400+ words. Structure your posts into paragraphs with sub-headings (use H2 and H3 tags appropriately).

No affiliate codes and referral links are allowed

Credit your source and include the reference if necessary

How to Get Started?

Only 2 steps you need to take to be a part of our community.

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