SEO 101: How to write Good Copy

Copy is one of the many different factors effecting search engine algorithms. Content has a tremendous influence on both searches and on search engine spiders and visitors.

SEO is all about bringing targeted traffic to your website from search engines, so that your visitors convert by performing a desired action.

Desired conversions include signing up for a newsletter, completing a web enquiry form for additional information, as well as making a purchase. Your copy can help you do both.

Using Keywords and Phrases as Guides

Try to pick one primary keyword phrase per page. The more focused your page is on a single topic, the better chance you have of achieving high rankings for it.

You will be using keywords and keyword phrases in the following specific areas of your web page:

  • Title, description meta tags and headlines
  • Main descriptive page copy

Although the words in the title and description meta tags do not appear on the page being viewed in the browser, they do appear in the search engine results, which searchers will be viewing. These words also get bolded in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and are a heavy hitter in optimisation.

So, these browser-invisible titles and description tags should be written for both the search engine and searchers. This means you want those elements to be “keyword rich,” allowing them to, first, help the page be served in the results, and, second, entice searchers to want to visit your web site.


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