Why Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is basically a symbiotic process between two bloggers for increasing the traffic to their own blogs. The process involves posting a guest post to another person’s blog or receiving a post from another blogger for your blog. This is a useful method of acquiring free content and advancing your blog and also has SEO benefits.

1. You get free content. The more content you have the more likely your blog would appear in a relevant search result. A guest blogger will not only provide free posts it will provide variety in style which will benefit your blog’s popularity.

2. You get free links. Links are also an important aspect as far as SEO is concerned. The volume and quality of links attached to your site increasing your credibility. Links are often bought and sold for SEO purposes; here you get the same facility for free.

3. You benefit from the other blogger’s already established visitors. If the audience of your host blog likes your post they would be inclined to visit your blog too.

4. Google approves of guest blogging as a valid SEO strategy and does not feel it breaches the webmaster guidelines provided by them. They however do not approve buying and selling of links.

5. The guest posts provided by other bloggers can incorporate certain keywords in the link text. This kind of link building too is a very effective SEO strategy.

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